Friday, September 3, 2010

I am a Utah (wo)Man!

We won. I'm so tired and I have no voice, but I am so happy. I love the U, even though half the Muss is drunk, haha. (We Mormons have a solemn responsibility to be the designated drivers. The entire MUSS* section would fall apart with out us!)

Read more about the exciting game against Pitt here.

I never understood football, but I've been copy editing at the Chronicle, which includes reading the sports articles. I'm learning so much! And thanks to my friend Julie's football expertise, I'm learning all about the inter-workings of this wonderful sport.

Julie also has lots of skills in flirting. We pick up like three guys where ever we go! I love making new friends out of nowhere. We just talk to random people and viola-- we have new buddies.

School rocks. I'm so busy, but it makes the time go by faster! (90% done!)
*Mighty Utah Student Section.


alexis joy: said...

haha Julie is SUCH a BIG flirt!

Meg said...

It's true! She's much more outgoing than I am by a long shot!