Sunday, June 24, 2012

words I'm hating right now

ethnic hair--people use this, thinking it's a PC way to say "non-Caucasian hair." They don't understand the definition of ethnicity, obviously, because since everyone has an ethnicity, we must all have ethnic hair.

exciting--everything is exciting. I hate how much I use this word. My toast and my wedding are exciting. This is not OK.They should not be on the same level.

gnat--the silent G is annoying. How fitting.

hopefully--because it should mean "full of hope" but instead means "I hope."

just--a terrible, useless filler. I still just don't know exactly what it is supposed to mean.

loading--computers' favorite word, unfortunately.

maybe--answers everything and solves nothing. I use it all the time because I don't plan my life like I ought.

mega--it's like my name, but not.

overwhelming--it's creepy how is sounds so much like what it means. It's long, it's hard to spell, and there's a sigh built in for your convenience.

pissed--just think about the two meanings, and how they're connected and it's terrible.

product--ubiquitous and vague, and I feel obligated to use it all the time.

screw--crude, weird, and twisted

snarky--sounds like one is saying "sparky" whilst gnawing

slip up--too figurative, too silly for something that's not silly.

soothe--sounds eerie, and like so many others on this list, it's everywhere

tits--sounds like it should be a type of bug. And of course, it's vulgar and immature. I hate hearing this everywhere.

vender/vendor--frustrating to spell

very--it means about as much as a politician's promises

zit--for nasty. Why do nasty things have to have nasty names, too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In which the bridal/groomal photoshoot goes swimmingly

Yesterday I had my bridals done.

It was fun, but the whole day leading up to it was so stressful. I spent the whole day getting ready, and I think that wasn't healthy. I was stressed out because I was building up to the climatic moment for hours and hours and nit-picking myself.

Sam met me at This is The Place park that evening. We decided to do our bridals and groomals together so we wouldn't be as stressed on the actual wedding day (which is in one month!). We'll still be taking plenty of pictures on July 12, but it feels good to know we have plenty of pictures of us together already. Our photographer suggested we do a "reveal" AKA a first look. I was a little worried it would be cheesy, but it actually was pretty fun!

The moment I was with Sam, everything felt better. I felt more relaxed and just excited to be with him. Taking pictures was so fun, especially since we were all dressed up in our wedding garb. 

I don't have the actual pictures yet, but here's a little teaser. My mom took this when I had to hike up my dress to go through some touch terrain.


Saturday, June 2, 2012


On Monday, I was discouraged, frustrated and overwhelmed about life. I was still jobless, the wedding was approaching, which meant items on the to-do list were piling on faster than we were checking them off. 

Tuesday, I sent in an application to a job, and I heard back from the company later that day! The speed of the response was amazing.

First of all, I've applied at a lot of places, and most companies have an electronic application system. Many times, it takes a lot of time to fill it all out, and they ask for detailed information. I wouldn't have a problem with devoting so much time to a application if I knew it would materialize to something. But usually, the application just disappears into cyberspace and one never hears from the company again. I was lucky if I got an email saying they'd received my application. Usually there is no one listed to call to follow up, and sometimes they request not to call at all! There were so many frustrations.

But this application was different because it was simple, and a real person emailed me back the same day! I did some writing exercises and got feedback almost immediately. I went in for an interview on Thursday and Friday they called me and offered me the position. It all happened so fast.

I'm thrilled because I get to write every single day. There are a lot of other tasks associated with the job, but it's mostly copy writing. It's close to where Sam and I are going to be living, too. The people at the company were so nice; I was impressed with the whole office when I went in for the interview.

This is something I've been praying for. I just wanted an opportunity to do something--anything! When I thought about jobs I really wanted, I knew I liked editing, writing and teaching. But I also knew that there were probably a lot of other jobs that I didn't even know existed that I would be qualified for. Like this job. When I read the job description, I knew it was something I could do. I just didn't realize that it was an actual thing. I'll be writing the product descriptions for beauty products and doing other marketing duties.

For the record, I found the job on KSL classifieds online. I spent a lot of time on that website, and it's easy to use. I had plenty of duds there too, but if you're looking for a job, I'd say it's a good place to start.

I'm so thankful for all the people who helped me with job leads, and gave me career and resume advice. I know I was probably cranky and stressed a lot because of my joblessness, but everyone put up with me and loved me anyway.

I'm still working on figuring out some freelancing options to help supplement this job, but even if they don't work out, we'll be fine. I feel so blessed. God is so merciful.