Friday, April 30, 2010

Au domoni iko

Au domoni iko
Fijian for "I love you"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 a.m.

I am going crazy.

It is 1 a.m., my new favorite hour of the day.

I usually get tired around this time a night, but because this is the third night in a row that I have stayed up this late, I am no longer fazed.

I have no sanity left. I didn't have much to begin with, anyway.

My filter is gone, so I'm sure I've offended Mr. Hill and several roommates and/or coworkers.

I have abandoned all attempts at eating healthy or excersizing. I cannot spell excersizing, and my spell check doesn't understand what I mean. I mean working out!

There is a wind storm. I hate wind. I can't sleep when wind is howling. So I might as well be working on my homework. Except I'm not working on my homework. I am writing a blog post and keeping my roommate awake. Nah, she can sleep through anything. (At least I hope).

If I had better judgement, I would do a ctrl a --> ctrl x [In other words, I would delete this]. But nope. I'm going to post it. And you're going to get a sense of how burnt out Megan is.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Much Fun and Love

It's 1 a.m. I have a paper to finesse and a presentation to prepare. So what is the most logical thing to do? Simple: do a blog post.

I had arguably one of the best weekends of my life. Considering it was the weekend before the end of the semester, that's pretty phenomenal if you ask me.

Relief Society retreat was so much fun. I've always loved the sisters in our ward, but we really bonded Friday night. We swam through each other souls. Laughs, pillow fights, secrets, swimming, games... ya, not much sleep happening. We joked about picking up some "Mans" in Midway, but it really didn't happen. I mean, after all it was a girls' night!

So I came home and went to Mr. Hill's recital! He rocks. I'm going to miss him with mounds and mounds of muchness.

Then... {drum roll please!}

I headed home for LINDSEY'S PROM!

She is the prom queen. Yes. She is the prom queen. I'm going to say it again: "She is the prom queen! "Behold:

I will post more pictures later, because I took about 300 pictures. I'm going to select about 17 to post here. Why 17 you ask? Why such a random number? Well, on Sunday Lindsey turned 17 years of age. I love her! I was so happy that I could come home and be there on her special weekend. (Ya, she had way too much attention this weekend. Luckily she's so humble and gracious: any other girl would probably be super annoying after all is said and done.)

(I feel bad that I'm leaving my other sister out, but I'm going to devote a post or two to her in the future, because she is amazing too. It just so happens that Lindsey took over the weekend.)

School ends on Wednesday. Will I be able to make it? I know not, but I love you all. Happy Spring!

-just little old Me(g)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm very much in love with this poet. Watch it twice. Watch it three times. He wrote this a year before the earthquakes in Haiti.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A paper just isn't a paper without an all-nighter and a rant

It's only 11:45 p.m. and my paper is done. Done is a relative term though. I am turning it in only to get it hashed apart by my professor. I don't mind the hashing part, I do it to other people all the time.

I'm just weirded out by this "Done by midnight" thing. I mean, I did stay up really last last night and the night before that. I did skip one of my classes today (I feel so guilty!). I did my best not to procrastinate, so I should not have to suffer through an all-nighter.

A paper just isn't a paper without an all-nighter!

When I say paper, I really mean like 5 papers.

I feel like this paper is taking over my life. I kind of asked for it by taking writing classes, but I'm getting bitter. It's like all I can talk about, which I'm sure gets annoying for all I converse with. I probably sound like I'm making myself a martyr and that I'm over exaggerating. Well I am, and I'm annoying myself. I talk to somebody, and they're like "How are you?" and somehow my answer turns into a HUGE rant and I'm suddenly going into detail about my thesis and how it relates to the great questions of the world and how this paper is taking over my life! And now the paper is taking over the blog post. But I'm trying to get it all out here so the people in my world can stop hearing about my misery and agony over my paper.

My papers and their topics: (Because you really want to know)

Bilingual education
The passive and active voice
How modern human beings came into exist (starting with Miocene apes)
Different cultures coming together in peoples' memoirs (This is uber vague, still trying to figure out what he wants)
Haitian Americans

Suddenly my photography project seems so nice! No writing! Just a creative explosion of no-explanation!

I am going to bed after I print out my paper. The printer is not going to work because that is how printers work: they don't. Especially not at 12 am.

If you have made it to the end of this grotesque post, I commend your brave spirit and valiant heart. I just needed to write crap that wasn't for school. Good night!

-Just little old me(g)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Random Island in the Pacific...

"I think the mailmen opened it up. They must have really wanted to know. That's why it took so long to get here." He says as his hands tremble. He's opening his mission call with his dad's pocket knife.

Four cell phones are on speaker phone. About 10 people from the ward are gathered in the common room of the dorm.

When we asked my sister to guess where he was going, Adriana said: "Some random island in the pacific."

He finally pulls out the letter. He laughs and puts his hand to his face in amazement.

" have hearby been called to labor in the Fiji Suva Mission..."

Everyone erupts in screams, gasps, and claps.

Only an hour before, a different audience was applauding. Paul sings in the University of Utah singers, and they performed Rachmaninoff's "All Night Vigil." But for two years, he's going to leave the life of performing and practicing. He's going to serve the people in Fiji.

I'm so proud of him. He has been my friend for a very long time. I will miss him so much, but I'd be being selfish if I kept him here. (As if I could). The people of Fiji need his goodness! To see how excited he was was such a joy. I know he is so ready to go.

As soon he could, Paul started looking up facts about Fiji. They have a temple there! He'll speak Fijian. He leaves June 23rd and after three months in the MTC, he'll head to the islands of endless summer, white beaches, palm trees, and clear blue water. (He won't be swimming in it though).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conference I love

Conference was AMAZING! I went with Lexi my BFF from the nether regions of the Uintah Basin. We went to Sunday morning session. I love being a member of this church. I love seeing 21,000 Mormons all in one place! I love hearing the prophet and the apostles speak. I love feeling the spirit. I love singing the hymns. I love temple square.

If you want to know more about LDS general conference, click here.

The Church of Jesus Christ in 180 years old today! God loves His children; we are all his children.

We woke up way early so we could be at the conference center in time for music and the spoken word. My family was also in the audience!