Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Question Is...

Flashback from the summer -Pirates of Penzance. If you're looking for me, I'm the maiden on the very far left of the picture.

Click here and you will laugh very hard.

Then again, maybe I only think it's funny because I was there. But still.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meg's Matters for Meticulous Musing

I miss: home cooked food

I need: jeans

I wish: snow didn't happen today

I love: my fuzzy socks

I have: a headache

I should: go to sleep

I better: stop counting down the days until Mr. H has to send in his papers.

I will: be positive


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is my sister Lindsey.

She's ranked Number 1
in Utah for the 400 m dash. Her time?

59.88 seconds.

I'm proud of her.
And the outdoor track season hasn't even begun yet.
Yes, be afraid, be very afraid.

If you would like to follow the SHS track team and their success, follow this link. Right here

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'd never heard of Roosevelt Utah until the start of the school year. I met two amazing friends from the little down in the corner of Eastern Utah. Spencer is going on a mission, so some SLC friends and I took a day long road trip down.

This is Spencer-- or Elder Wallace I should say. He'll be serving the Lord in Quito Ecuador. He's so friendly and sweet, no body will be able to turn him down! His testimony is amazing. Elder W enters the Missionary Training Center today. He will be missed. These are my friends and me at the Moqui Indian statue. Pretty much the only tourist attraction in Roosevelt.

This is me and Lexi.
She's from Neola, which is another little town by Roosevelt. I miss her!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


A few months ago I was planning on writing a scathing piece about the evils of Valentine’s Day. That’s how much I loathe it. But tonight I looked at the calendar and wait—what? Tomorrow’s that vile, sappy, insincere excuse for a holiday? I didn’t even notice its approach. I suppose I’d subconsciously blocked the usual symbols from entering my mind. I didn’t see the roses, the balloons, the horrible clash of pink and red side by side…

I’ve gone on three dates this weekend, and two of them were blind dates. And in the two weeks past, I’ve been on a date.

I’m not trying to brag, I mean, this is rare for me. In fact, it’s rare for most females who do not have a significant other to call their own. Guys just don’t date like they used to. I kind of don’t blame them though. After all, dating gets expensive and lately it signals commitment or something.

February has been fun. Still don’t like single awareness day, but it isn’t as painful this year because I’ve been distracted. I’ve liked getting to know some new men, and spending time with one whom I’ve known for a while.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Look as this beautiful little book I bought at the Bookstore:
I bought it to get me through work.

I love sudoku, and I love cute little books with floral patterns on the front. So this was pretty much the perfect thing. It made my day. Little things like this make me happy. I know it's material, but it's small and happy.

The best part is that there are like three others kinds like it at the bookstore that have different puzzles and patterns. That will be my incentive to finish this one and move on.

I had better not get Alzheimers. I spend so many hours doing puzzles and games, I hope it pays off and I never loose my sanity. Oh wait, I already have. Oh well.


P.S. This just in-- My super cool friend Alexis just did a post. About yours truly! Click HERE

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stress is So Much Fun!

I got in this zone when I had a lot on my to-do list. It’s kind of an addiction or excitement. It’s the drama of having a pile of homework, and work, and dishes to do--and not quite knowing whether or not you’re going to accomplish everything before the timer rings.

I kind of enjoy this rush. No, it isn’t like stretching-out-on-a-beach, or curling-up-with-a-good-book happiness, but there’s definitely something addicting about being busy. Colleges have sure been around a long time, and they’re supported by a population of people who secretly indulge in having fun doing a myriad of stressful, time-consuming activities.

You’ll hear college students complain about being busy, and having no time, and etc. Don’t buy it. We love it. We love the uncertainty of the end result of our grades and the suspense of finals week. We adore coming home from work at nine and then studying for four hours while binging of caffeine. We love trying to be a cheap as possible, like using public bathrooms whenever possible to conserve toilet paper in the dorm. We love trying to sustain ourselves on nothing but ramen and easy mac. We love feeling confidently justified to sleep in until noon on Saturday because we partied all Friday night. We love the independence we have. We love being stressed out.