Monday, February 8, 2010


Look as this beautiful little book I bought at the Bookstore:
I bought it to get me through work.

I love sudoku, and I love cute little books with floral patterns on the front. So this was pretty much the perfect thing. It made my day. Little things like this make me happy. I know it's material, but it's small and happy.

The best part is that there are like three others kinds like it at the bookstore that have different puzzles and patterns. That will be my incentive to finish this one and move on.

I had better not get Alzheimers. I spend so many hours doing puzzles and games, I hope it pays off and I never loose my sanity. Oh wait, I already have. Oh well.


P.S. This just in-- My super cool friend Alexis just did a post. About yours truly! Click HERE

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