Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Post about Post (I love getting mail)

Yes, I received my first letter(s) from that random little island in the Pacific from that random little best friend of mine.

I promise I'm not obsessive. But who wouldn't be excited by mail from sunny Fiji?

This post is brought to you by the nice man who fixed my computer over the phone in a matter of minutes. He is my hero.

From sunny Utah,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super Heroes

The past few days I've been thinking about super heroes..
NaTasha had an awesome super hero themed birthday party. As if I'm not nerdy enough, I went as Grammar Girl.

I think I'm going to refine my costume for Halloween. (Except I really want to be Amelia Earhart too... decisions, decisions.)

I love these girls. They are my heroes!

Cat Woman, Super Girl, Grammar Girl

The real Super Heros are serving missions right now.

Super Heroes are moms who run 5Ks with their daughters.
I ran the U of U alumni 5K. It was so tough, I'm not quite sure why. Actually, I do. I haven't exactly run very consistently the past few weeks. (I'm not being a very good super hero.)

Super Hero Fuel

I had do my geology assignment at the museum of natural history. Notice the boy wearing the BYU shirt. Hmmm....

But I learned not to judge people by their outward appearances! President Monson is amazing! (And he looks like my bishop... maybe that's because my bishop is his son?)

The General Young Women's [EDIT: Relief Society (I'm still way young at heart.)] meeting was so fantastic. I'm glad I skipped out on the game to go. I feel so blessed to know the women in the ward. I'm so thankful for Visiting Teaching. I'm so glad I'm a daughter of God.

I am so happy.

And a letter is coming... I can feel it. Any day. Any day. (He just passed his 3-month mark!)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Tired, Crazy, and I think I hate Facebook.

Who needs hemp of caffeine to get creative? Sleep deprivation works fantastically. My eye is twitching, as it often does-- and this is not because I am a witch (my Hogwarts letter never came, but I PROMISE I'm no longer bitter). No, I'm just mightily tired. When you add up the total hours of unconsciousness, I'm actually not doing too shabby. I get sleeping around 1 a.m. and rise at 8-ish or 7-ish.So that's 6-7 hours, right? Not ideal, but better than those nights where I got 2-3.

Anyway, There was a point to all this. I just forgot what it was.


Oh yes! Facebook! Facebook: I hate you. I despise that I cannot cast you off so easily as I would like. Once I saw this Nova documentary about these African women who wear these thick stacks of coil around their necks all the time. Eventually the neck coils supported their neck, so if they took them off, their spines would collapse. So they were totally dependent on these metal neck rings to survive. The crazy part is that their necks were so long and stretched out!
Anyway, that's akin to how I'm addicted to Facebook. Perhaps my relationship with Facebook is more analogous to an abusive husband or a drug or caffeine -- a substance that has been endlessly on my mind as of late. My body thinks it necessary to stay awake. But I haven't caved! (Yet).

I would get so much more sleep if I could just stay off Facebook. I always think it will make me happy, but it never does! I (kind of) like reading about people's lives and stalking people. I kinda like knowing that all my friends are just like me... chained to a computer. Like a drug.


P. S. I wrote this last night. I mean this morning. You know, it was like 1 a.m. (Can't you just count it as the same day as long as you haven't gone to sleep yet?) Oh, and I don't think that's an African woman. Sorry. I think she's Asian... I don't know. All I know is that that documentary scarred me for life.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No, I have not met you.

"So what's your name?"

"I'm Megan."

"I'm xxxx [I've already forgotten his name. At least he is sure to remain anonymous] Good to meet you. You look really familiar, like I've seen you in the Union before or something."

"Ya, it's possible, I'm here a lot."

"It's like we sat down together and had lunch with friends or something."

[Not possible. As cute and forward as you are, we have never met. This is awkward.]

Sunday, September 19, 2010

RedFest '10

Every year the U has a concert for students. Last year I didn't care for the bands, but this year, the line up was so exciting, I just knew I couldn't miss it! And I invited one of my best friends ever to come with me.
Ben Lee, who was slightly awkward, but pretty adorable. In a weird way.

Nate, the lead singer in fun. Oh, how I adore fun. They just make me so happy.

Do you know who else makes me happy? Lexi! Yay for friends!


(Oh and go Utes! Sorry BYU, better luck next time...)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trees and transcriptions

Trees are blossoming! Even though it is fall and most trees' leaves are turning magical colors, my trees are growing like never before.

And my transcriptions are doing well, too. So many wonderful varieties. It's going to only get better. (Can you tell what words those are?)


Monday, September 13, 2010

I am happy, even if my stomach isn't.


I'm so sick of sandwiches. So I give in and pay for Chinese food.

Which is good until an hour after you've eaten it.


Turns out, half-way across the world my best friend is also sick to his stomach. But his illness is much worse than mine. He has thrown up several times, but luckily it was on a P-day, right? Poor Elder Hill.

Oh how I dislike Mondays. It's cliche but oh so true. The days and weeks are long. But I have strength to do this! I do, I do, I do!

I want to go to Fiji but I can't. I'm still going to be happy as happy can be.

Isn't this a cute poster? I want it.
-just little old (meg)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Give Blood. Save a Life.

I donated blood today!

Do you know what makes me so angry? People that say they don't donate blood because they're squeamish of needles. Oh. my. heck. I'd probably swear in this letter if you weren't a missionary! Seriously. I can see if you have health issues, or if you've been out of the country or something. But just because it makes you nervous? Because you just don't want to? I say, don't look at me and say that-- look at the children, babies, and other people who need your blood to survive and tell THEM that you just can't bring yourself to do it. So what if it hurts a little? You're saving someone's life. That isn't something you should take lightly. It's like a humanly responsibility to do it. Wouldn't you want someone to donate blood for you if you were in an accident?
{This is an excerpt from a letter to Elder Hill}

So if you can donate blood-- do it. I don't care how scary it is. Life is full of scary things. But there are things more important than your fear. Like saving someone's life. Just sayin'.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mundane Megan

Humm diddly dum.

My schedule is settling into a happy rhythm. I work well when I have structure.

So nothing much to exciting has occurred in my existence. I suppose that a good blogger is one creative enough to make even the little things exciting. I need to work on that aspect.

Usually I don't blog unless I have something to blog about, but today is an exception. Now this is horribly rambled and jumbled because I'm trying to figure out what I'm trying to say as I'm trying to say it. But my blogging creed is to never look back and just write what comes out of my head.

My Paul-withdrawals are improving! This is good news. I don't know why the past few days have been filled with Paul-sickness, but they have. Luckily that has receded, and I'm doing much better. Being busy helps significantly. I feel so lame for missing him. I'm not even technically waiting for him, but I can hardly help it. He's my best friend!

Okay, this blog post is going no where. I'm disgusted with my self! Such mediocre prose does not deserve to be thrown into cyberspace!

Oh well. Some days are just like that. Granted, this isn't a bad day. It's just a mediocre day. But on the bright side, it isn't even a Monday! It's Tuesday! I'm that much closer to the weekend! (Ward activity, FB game... this is going to be awesome.)


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Missings Happen

Late night post.

I really need Mr. Hill tonight. Not Elder Hill, but Mr. Hill.

I don't want him to come home, per se.

I just need to talk to my best friend.

I am strong, and I'm doing alright.

But there are sometimes when I really would like to see him.

That isn't want God wants, though.

And that is why missions are hard. They are blessings because they stretch us and we become better people. Better, patient people.

It happens. One day I'll get to see him again!


Friday, September 3, 2010

I am a Utah (wo)Man!

We won. I'm so tired and I have no voice, but I am so happy. I love the U, even though half the Muss is drunk, haha. (We Mormons have a solemn responsibility to be the designated drivers. The entire MUSS* section would fall apart with out us!)

Read more about the exciting game against Pitt here.

I never understood football, but I've been copy editing at the Chronicle, which includes reading the sports articles. I'm learning so much! And thanks to my friend Julie's football expertise, I'm learning all about the inter-workings of this wonderful sport.

Julie also has lots of skills in flirting. We pick up like three guys where ever we go! I love making new friends out of nowhere. We just talk to random people and viola-- we have new buddies.

School rocks. I'm so busy, but it makes the time go by faster! (90% done!)
*Mighty Utah Student Section.