Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Tired, Crazy, and I think I hate Facebook.

Who needs hemp of caffeine to get creative? Sleep deprivation works fantastically. My eye is twitching, as it often does-- and this is not because I am a witch (my Hogwarts letter never came, but I PROMISE I'm no longer bitter). No, I'm just mightily tired. When you add up the total hours of unconsciousness, I'm actually not doing too shabby. I get sleeping around 1 a.m. and rise at 8-ish or 7-ish.So that's 6-7 hours, right? Not ideal, but better than those nights where I got 2-3.

Anyway, There was a point to all this. I just forgot what it was.


Oh yes! Facebook! Facebook: I hate you. I despise that I cannot cast you off so easily as I would like. Once I saw this Nova documentary about these African women who wear these thick stacks of coil around their necks all the time. Eventually the neck coils supported their neck, so if they took them off, their spines would collapse. So they were totally dependent on these metal neck rings to survive. The crazy part is that their necks were so long and stretched out!
Anyway, that's akin to how I'm addicted to Facebook. Perhaps my relationship with Facebook is more analogous to an abusive husband or a drug or caffeine -- a substance that has been endlessly on my mind as of late. My body thinks it necessary to stay awake. But I haven't caved! (Yet).

I would get so much more sleep if I could just stay off Facebook. I always think it will make me happy, but it never does! I (kind of) like reading about people's lives and stalking people. I kinda like knowing that all my friends are just like me... chained to a computer. Like a drug.


P. S. I wrote this last night. I mean this morning. You know, it was like 1 a.m. (Can't you just count it as the same day as long as you haven't gone to sleep yet?) Oh, and I don't think that's an African woman. Sorry. I think she's Asian... I don't know. All I know is that that documentary scarred me for life.

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alexis joy: said...

The women who do this are from Myanmar. They're a small community with in Myanmar, not all their women do this :D

I love the thoughts my BFF gets when she's sleep deprived. Because they make great stimulation when I am sleep deprived, as you probably can tell from this comment.

Love you!