Saturday, September 4, 2010

Missings Happen

Late night post.

I really need Mr. Hill tonight. Not Elder Hill, but Mr. Hill.

I don't want him to come home, per se.

I just need to talk to my best friend.

I am strong, and I'm doing alright.

But there are sometimes when I really would like to see him.

That isn't want God wants, though.

And that is why missions are hard. They are blessings because they stretch us and we become better people. Better, patient people.

It happens. One day I'll get to see him again!



alexis joy: said...

Only 21 more fast Sundays!

Meg said...

That's true! When you put it that way, it doesn't seem so bad!

Seth and Deb said...

This may or may not make you feel better or be the right thing to say...a little perspective? At least he's not fighting in a war? At least he's not in a combat zone? I only say this because back when I was younger, the thought of a man I was dating, loved or whatever going on a 2 year mission seemed like an impossible thing....then I married a Soldier and sent him off to war. I think of things quite a bit different now.Keeping a fun calendar is always nice and you have school to keep you distracted. HANG in there!

Meg said...

Deb I totally agree! I know it would be much harder to send off a man to the military. I've always know that, but now sending off a missionary I understand it even more. A missionary is difficult, so I can only imagine a man that's going to be in the line of fire. I appreciate the men and women serving our country so much.