Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super Heroes

The past few days I've been thinking about super heroes..
NaTasha had an awesome super hero themed birthday party. As if I'm not nerdy enough, I went as Grammar Girl.

I think I'm going to refine my costume for Halloween. (Except I really want to be Amelia Earhart too... decisions, decisions.)

I love these girls. They are my heroes!

Cat Woman, Super Girl, Grammar Girl

The real Super Heros are serving missions right now.

Super Heroes are moms who run 5Ks with their daughters.
I ran the U of U alumni 5K. It was so tough, I'm not quite sure why. Actually, I do. I haven't exactly run very consistently the past few weeks. (I'm not being a very good super hero.)

Super Hero Fuel

I had do my geology assignment at the museum of natural history. Notice the boy wearing the BYU shirt. Hmmm....

But I learned not to judge people by their outward appearances! President Monson is amazing! (And he looks like my bishop... maybe that's because my bishop is his son?)

The General Young Women's [EDIT: Relief Society (I'm still way young at heart.)] meeting was so fantastic. I'm glad I skipped out on the game to go. I feel so blessed to know the women in the ward. I'm so thankful for Visiting Teaching. I'm so glad I'm a daughter of God.

I am so happy.

And a letter is coming... I can feel it. Any day. Any day. (He just passed his 3-month mark!)


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alexis joy: said...

Deary I think you're in Relief Society now, not Young Women's