Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Post about Post (I love getting mail)

Yes, I received my first letter(s) from that random little island in the Pacific from that random little best friend of mine.

I promise I'm not obsessive. But who wouldn't be excited by mail from sunny Fiji?

This post is brought to you by the nice man who fixed my computer over the phone in a matter of minutes. He is my hero.

From sunny Utah,


Sarah said...

Your stamps from Fiji are certainly more colorful and cool than mine from Philadelphia were all those years ago. Although, usually my stamps were upside down which was code for "I love you" so I was happy to see them...even if they were boring USA stamps. :) (Does an upside down stamp still mean that same thing? Or does that really show my age? Or was that something that just Bryan and I did??)

Meg said...

I've actually never heard of that! But I have sent/received letters that were addressed upside down, but I think those were just accidents. Who knows though?