Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mundane Megan

Humm diddly dum.

My schedule is settling into a happy rhythm. I work well when I have structure.

So nothing much to exciting has occurred in my existence. I suppose that a good blogger is one creative enough to make even the little things exciting. I need to work on that aspect.

Usually I don't blog unless I have something to blog about, but today is an exception. Now this is horribly rambled and jumbled because I'm trying to figure out what I'm trying to say as I'm trying to say it. But my blogging creed is to never look back and just write what comes out of my head.

My Paul-withdrawals are improving! This is good news. I don't know why the past few days have been filled with Paul-sickness, but they have. Luckily that has receded, and I'm doing much better. Being busy helps significantly. I feel so lame for missing him. I'm not even technically waiting for him, but I can hardly help it. He's my best friend!

Okay, this blog post is going no where. I'm disgusted with my self! Such mediocre prose does not deserve to be thrown into cyberspace!

Oh well. Some days are just like that. Granted, this isn't a bad day. It's just a mediocre day. But on the bright side, it isn't even a Monday! It's Tuesday! I'm that much closer to the weekend! (Ward activity, FB game... this is going to be awesome.)


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