Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'd never heard of Roosevelt Utah until the start of the school year. I met two amazing friends from the little down in the corner of Eastern Utah. Spencer is going on a mission, so some SLC friends and I took a day long road trip down.

This is Spencer-- or Elder Wallace I should say. He'll be serving the Lord in Quito Ecuador. He's so friendly and sweet, no body will be able to turn him down! His testimony is amazing. Elder W enters the Missionary Training Center today. He will be missed. These are my friends and me at the Moqui Indian statue. Pretty much the only tourist attraction in Roosevelt.

This is me and Lexi.
She's from Neola, which is another little town by Roosevelt. I miss her!



alexis joy: said...

I miss you too!

However there are some actually cool places in Roosevelt, in the summer.

I'll see you this weekend!

Brad said...

So this is so weird. I was going to volunteer at the MTC and at the crosswalk I saw this kid who was going to Ecuador and he looked exactly like this kid. I totally saw him today. Crazy coincidence.

Meg said...

Well Brad, it is probably the same kid! Weird! hahaha