Sunday, June 24, 2012

words I'm hating right now

ethnic hair--people use this, thinking it's a PC way to say "non-Caucasian hair." They don't understand the definition of ethnicity, obviously, because since everyone has an ethnicity, we must all have ethnic hair.

exciting--everything is exciting. I hate how much I use this word. My toast and my wedding are exciting. This is not OK.They should not be on the same level.

gnat--the silent G is annoying. How fitting.

hopefully--because it should mean "full of hope" but instead means "I hope."

just--a terrible, useless filler. I still just don't know exactly what it is supposed to mean.

loading--computers' favorite word, unfortunately.

maybe--answers everything and solves nothing. I use it all the time because I don't plan my life like I ought.

mega--it's like my name, but not.

overwhelming--it's creepy how is sounds so much like what it means. It's long, it's hard to spell, and there's a sigh built in for your convenience.

pissed--just think about the two meanings, and how they're connected and it's terrible.

product--ubiquitous and vague, and I feel obligated to use it all the time.

screw--crude, weird, and twisted

snarky--sounds like one is saying "sparky" whilst gnawing

slip up--too figurative, too silly for something that's not silly.

soothe--sounds eerie, and like so many others on this list, it's everywhere

tits--sounds like it should be a type of bug. And of course, it's vulgar and immature. I hate hearing this everywhere.

vender/vendor--frustrating to spell

very--it means about as much as a politician's promises

zit--for nasty. Why do nasty things have to have nasty names, too.

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Barb said...

Alphabetized for convenience! :)