Friday, April 15, 2011

Food for Thought

Tonight I went to the famous La Caille. Some Chronicle dinner thing for current staff and alumni to mingle and celebrate the achievements of former Chrony kids who actually did something with their journalism degrees. The food and atmosphere was amazing, I felt like I stepped in a magazine.

Except by stepping into that magazine, I was also stepping into the world of journalism--a side I had never seen.

Our speakers were blunt and honest about the rival papers in Utah--they do not like each other. There was much tension and awkwardness, especially when most speakers pretended that The Chronicle didn't even exist. They only talked about the major dailies, even though the banquet was to celebrate The Chronicle.

I'm not going to be a journalist. But I love working at The Chronicle. I learn a lot. I meet great people and I love what I do.

This is what I wore tonight. My fringe bangs have returned. (I cut them a little liberally... I anticipate they will grow out ungainly soon.)


I was a little worried that I was being scattered with the colors. It was random, but I feel the shoes tied it together.


And I'm wearing the shoes I got from my great grandma... (she always wanted me to be a journalist.)


Yes, I wore this same dress as my swimsuit cover whilst in Mexico. I think it's amazing that this piece can be so versatile.


It was a great night. Still getting over a cold, but the crem brule was pretty awesome. I love dressing up.



p.s. Whilst I was composing this post, my Pandora played this song... and I could swear the girl was saying "dear paul" and I was all "how could this be? I'm probably just delusional and crazy" but I wasn't! I went over to my ipod and the song was actually called "Dear Paul"and it was so creepily applicable to my life. So I tried to like the song... but instead by accident pushed the 'next' button. TRAGIC! Only 1 thing to do--go to iTunes. I probably would have bought it regardless.


Michelle said...

BTW, as a future reference, you can still like a song on Pandora after it has passed...

Meg said...

I know you can if you have it in a browser, but not on my ipod. :(