Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two days until take off...!

Above: Sneak peak at super cool origami projecto!

OK you guys! This is it!

I just have to go to school today.

Get waxed.

Go to Lehi.


Wake up, get ready, get the bride ready.

Go to the temple.

Go to the reception later that night.

Fly away to my cruise.

I'm so close! I should be in class right now, but considering I have about 3 hours of sleep, I figured it would be pretty futile. I'm going to try to get stuff done... You guys... I'm so crazy....

You don't even know...

I probably won't blog until after my cruise, so peace out and expect a heck of a report! And LOADS of pictures! I love you all with all my heart and soul!


p.s. I'll miss you!

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NaTasha said...

I really appreciate all your hard work! - Love, The Bride