Monday, March 14, 2011


Things I have learned--

I suck at communicating. I can practice what I'm going to say a million times in the mirror, but when it counts, I sound awful and illogical. Or worse--silent.

When I'm mad, I just need to get mad. I try to suppress the way I feel, but then it just gets all bottled up and pressured and then I explode. And the problem only gets worse.

Things just don't get fixed on their own. People don't get hints. People don't think alike. It's not a gender thing. It's just a truth of life. I know this is incredibly obvious, but I struggle with that concept. I assume people think the same way as I do and want the same things I do. I need to learn to either accept how people choose to express themselves or develop confidence in myself so I can tell people how I feel in a way that they'll understand.

People don't know how I feel because they don't ask. Which is totally fine. I shouldn't expect people to ask me what I want. I certainly never ask others those questions.

And that's something I need to change, because I can't change other people; I can only change myself.

I want to be more aware of other people's feelings so I can be that girl who is worth overcoming apathy for.

That's for me. Sorry, everyone.


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