Thursday, March 10, 2011

All signs point to spring


Notice the mud on my shoes. This means that the snow is melting and making mud. And I'm kind of reveling in it, because mud is totally a spring and summer thing.


I'm trying out maiden braids from this tutorial {here}. Ya, I know it totally doesn't look as good, but I still feel like a "Sound of Music" character, which is pretty much the most romantic movie ever.

And I'm also trying to actually wear make up for once. {This} has inspired me. But there really is a reason that I've worn foundation for three days in a row (and counting). It helps protect my face against the sun! YAY! That means a sun exists! I still have no melanin, so I'm the whitest of the white, but I like my skin. I wouldn't change my fairness for anything.


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Sarah said...

LOVE the braids!!