Thursday, March 24, 2011

Othering, buttoning and gerunding

How did Thursday happen? Where did my Spring Break go?

It went to my super secret origami project, syntax, letter writing, letter reading, facebooking, blogstalking, hairdoing, refining my Pandora "Mumford & Sons" station and other forms of delicious othering. The night is still young. I can still get so much done.

I know I'm totally not a legit blogger. I'm kind of a wannabe cool blogger. And since I have so much homework, I decided to procrastinate by making a button for my blog. The best instructions on how to do this are found {here}. That is what I call amazing technical writing. Easy to follow instructions make my heart glow. Thank you! So easy peasy!

You don't have to take the button. Really, you don't have to. You can wait until I have a published novel and 1,000 followers. But then you could say you followed me before it was cool to follow me... right?

But I remind myself why I blog. It's kind of like a journal, and a way to get my thoughts out. It's mostly for me and my own benefit. Writing has never failed to help me feel better. Ranting, praising, thanking, and in general just figuring out life. Writing is a great way to think.

I have a notebook I carry around with me almost everywhere. Some pages just have grocery lists. Other pages have little poems, or little lost thoughts. I love my little words.

Now for some homeworking!




Michele said...

Hi! Michele from Stories at my fingertips here! I am so utterly in LOVE with your blog banner and button! Yes, a bigh HIGH FIVE to easy directions. So glad that worked out for you. I also love your sense of humor and wit. Thanks so much for saying "Hello!" and I can't wait to get to know you better. Have a wonderful day! :D

Anonymous said...

Your blog is super cute =)

Meg said...

Thank you both!