Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Way Things Should Be

Nothing is the way it should be.
Well, maybe things are the way they should be, they just aren't the way I think they should be. I'm just wrong about the way things should be.
So maybe I should just stop trying to make things happen the way I think they're supposed and just let them happen the way they're supposed to happen.

"Just because everything's changing, doesn't mean it's never been this way before."
-Regina Specktor, "The Call"

I really am at peace right now. Everything is crazy and changing and wild, but it's okay. Things are just shifting to the way they should be.


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Shenise said...

I was totally thinking about this this morning! Well...I was thinking that I've been feeling so stressed about certain things because I've been trying to make them go the way that I want them to go- even when they didn't work out I'd still try to force it. Now, I'm working on just letting go, and letting Heavenly Father work in my life, and not only am I feeling less stressed, I was able to realize how I truly felt about my best friend (Sam)! It's an ongoing process, but I'm happy that I'm not trying to force things to go my way anymore :)