Saturday, June 26, 2010

My New Mission!

Well, Mr. Hill, I mean Elder Hill is off to the Missionary Training Center! (The empty sea hehehe)

I thought I was going to much more upset than I actually was. Well, that's not particularly true. The night before he left I did have a MAJOR breakdown. That was a dark night. {shudder}

But the past few days have been superb. I just keep busy doing homework and work, and I have actually been quite productive. I was just thinking... wow, the time is going by so fast! This isn't hard at all!

Then I realized it's only been 2 days... oh. That felt like a month! A fast month, but a month! {sigh}. I just need a musical montage and then BAM! He's home! (That would nice...)

I was insane before, but I'm really crazy now. So sometimes random passions take hold of me and I get these drives to accomplish something. My next mission: TO RUN THE RAGNAR!

If you know me well, then I know you've just burst out laughing. But I'm dead serious. I'm really going to do it next year. I'm making my whole family do it too! They're all much faster runners than I am. We just need to find the rest of a team. (you need 12). We might not get in, because it's really popular, but we're going to try.

I'm doing this. This is my new quest. I'm a goal oriented person, so if I have a set race I want to accomplish, I will do it.

What brought this on? Well people have been talking about it because it was just last weekend. I was so inspired and motivated by their stories. It sounds so hard, but not too hard that it is out of my reach.

Yay! I went running today to start training right now. My first mini-goal is to run the 4th of July 5k. Eeek! I'm so excited.

This will make 2 years go by so quickly!


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Sarah said...

Oh, Megan. I am totally having de ja vu reading your blogs lately. Because I sent off a missionary once upon a time too. It sounds like you are handling it better than I did, by the way. Some months will seem really slow. But others will seem really fast, I promise.
And by the way, I love your goal of doing Ragnar. It's super fun!! I thought I was pretty insane for signing up to do it, but it was awesome! And if I can do it, then definitely you can! :)