Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gushing about a Letter

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Okay, it's been like a week.

I blinked, and Independence day came and went. I worked the entire holiday weekend. I did manage to fit in some excitement, like the Sandy city fireworks with a new friend.

I had a huge paper due yesterday, so that is one reason why I haven't written. You know how when I write papers, it consumes me so much that I burden everyone I talk to? Ya, see this post and this post

I got a letter from Elder Hill yesterday! I almost didn't get it because the 4 in my address looked like a 9, so it got sorted incorrectly. I was at work when the mailman came, and my grandma, bless her heart, went out and talked to him. She asked if there was a letter from an elder in Provo, and he said he was sorry, but there wasn't. He left and went about doing the rest of his route. Then he saw a letter from Provo, and thought it might be mine! So he walked all the way back to our house. He asked my grandma, "Is her name by chance Megan?" It was my letter after all! The mailman asked where he was going, and my grandma told him Fiji, and he said that he was excited to get to deliver mail from Fiji eventually.

I was so happy to receive a letter. He says everything is great and that he loves it! Most of the letter was devoted to explaining pronouns in Fijian. I love that kid. [sigh] It wasn't a long letter, but I can tell you, at that point I would have been happy if he had just written my name on a piece of paper and sent it to me.

So even though I had this huge essay, I wrote him back this HUGE letter. I felt bad because I didn't mean for it to be so long, I just couldn't help it. I reassured him that he does not have to write back the same length at all because I know he is crazy busy.

I dropped off his letter at the post office on my way out to run. I was on such a high that I ran for 4 miles! And quite hilly miles too! Now my shins are hurting a little, so I'm taking today off, even though I crave running so much. I don't want to train too hard too fast.

After my work out, while I was taking a shower, I realized that I forgot to sign my name on Elder Hill's letter! I was MORTIFIED! I had printed my letter out, but not signed it! So I signed my name all big and flowery and put it in an envelope. I put a note in there that said, "sorry, sometimes my signature comes late." (It's an inside joke actually-- you know when you're instant messaging or texting and you forget a period or something at the end of a message? Well, we'd always say, "Sorry, sometimes my period comes late.") Anyway, he'll think it is funny.

I know I'm not technically waiting for Elder Hill, but sometimes I just can't help feeling that I am. I definitely miss him with muchness. I'm dating other people, just like he asked. Also like he asked, I'm not telling him about my dating life. (I totally don't get that reasoning, but whatever.)

Okay, now back to homework.

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