Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here, there, and everywhere

{edit} Internet is Working, so here are some pictures!
Behold the Sego Lily. The State of Utah's flower. They are beautiful, and edible, but I've never tried them. Legend is that the pioneers ate them to survive on the prairie.

My mom being so brave! Her horse, Society, stepped on her toe. She's soaking it in cool stream water to keep the swelling down.

Me wincing after getting stinging nettle during a photo shoot of some flowers. I always get into trouble when I go into the wild brush to take pictures of rare foliage.
My daddy looking so swell in his ostrich cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

My beautiful sisters! We made a music video, that will be uploaded shortly.

Me, Megan Many-Faces. We relearned the meaning of that nickname this trip. ;)

The deer that came up right by the deck!

Cowgirl sisters!

Ah, the view is beautiful! I love riding horses.

Okay, now the blog post:

I just keep wondering if I'm ever going to be sorted out quite right.

I'm here,

and there,

and everywhere.

I wanted to post some lovely pictures of my vacation but alas, my laptop isn't getting wi-fi today. It's like Peter Pan, lost its shadow. After 4 days of no internet, I'm DYING to get on! I'm such a tech nerd, and I'm so addicted. Right now I'm on my grandma's computer, which somehow is blessed with internet connection.

I left my make-up and brush and scriptures up at the cabin. Luckily my family is bringing them down for me. I'll see them on Saturday, we're all running the 24th of July 10k.

Everything is crazy, and I can barely keep up with everything. Looks like I'm not going to be failing my English class after all, though. I have a lot of work to redeem myself though.

I love the cabin. It is so romantic. I want to take the love of my life up there someday, and we'll ride horses here and there and everywhere, all around the valley. Now that I'm back in SLC, I'm bitter about all things love and romance; I'm back to normal! I just don't know what I want, actually.

Okay, now I'm going to go make myself some avocado toast.


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