Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Adventures

GLoW IN THE DARK CUPCAKES! Well, not really. But close.

All that matters is that they taste good. And look cool. January though, I am back to muffins! This is good because muffins are easier because they don't have frosting, and bad because they don't have frosting.

We had a black light party (and thus the cupcakes). I wasn't even mentally prepared for the new year. I don't really know what there is to prepare for, but somehow I don't feel ready for 2012! I am pretty sure that this will be the next best year of my life.

Many exciting things will happen this year, like:

The end of the world
I'll graduate college
Elder Helms gets home
Elder Hill gets home
Elder Hoye gets home
Elder Webb gets home
The Hunger Games comes out
The Hobbit comes out
Brave comes out
The Woman in Black comes out

...and other adventures. Bring it on!


And I forgot to mention that the pictures are courtesy of my dear Sam.

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