Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today, I would appreciate it if you would do something for me. Donate to your favorite charity, do your homework, smile at strangers, go the extra mile, protect free speech, floss, visit a nursing home, don't swear, wash your hands, refill someone's meter, write a thank you note, take a bubble bath, give up your seat on the bus, eat some chocolate, stay calm in traffic, use good grammar, adopt a puppy or a kitty from the shelter, listen to some country music, write a poem, draw a picture, quote a Disney movie, pick up a copy of The Daily Utah Chronicle, read your scriptures, do some yoga, dance in the kitchen, make your bed, call an old friend, tell a joke, listen thoughtfully, or visit your local library.

Because did I mention it's my birthday?


I challenge you do do any of those things, (or any other wonderful acts you can dream of) and tell me about them!

(You might have noticed that I haven't done any Muffin Monday posts since the year started. That is because I am disbanding them. I will continue to make muffins every weekend, but I won't post about them unless they are super super good. I just have so much going on right now, I have to prioritize.)

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Sam Thornton said...

Okay, today I have not been angry in traffic, I have written a thank you note of sorts and in honor of you I wrote a poem. I must say it's been fun! I greatly appreciate how you did this for your birthday blog post!