Thursday, December 29, 2011

On glasses

Oh, I don't remember the date, probably because it was traumatic. By my own stupidity I broke my glasses. 

I was in my bed, lying there and delaying sleep because I had not read my scriptures yet. (I have read my scriptures every day since I was in 9th grade, and I have never missed, so I couldn't miss now.) I knew if I kept my glasses on, then I wouldn't fall asleep. 

But I did take them off, and rolled over. Then I went to grab my scriptures, and when I came back, I sat on my glasses. Not all the way, mind you. But my bottom pressed into them on just the wrong angle and they snapped in half. Ya, I cried. 

You have no idea what these glasses and I have been through together. We met about four years ago! They have been fantastic. 

But I had to move on. Picking new specs was hard because I didn't know if I should stick with my classic turtle shell look and get something similar to my previous pair, or branch out into something new and trendy. 

I decided that this was my chance to break out into new territory--to be bold and daring. I didn't want to have chartreuse dress regrets. 

I narrowed down my choice to these 2:

Which one do you think is best? (I've already picked, but I appreciate your feedback anyway.)

The new pair is scheduled to be done tomorrow, and I cannot wait to pick them up and give my poor eyes a break from my contacts. (I've slept in my contacts twice in the past two weeks.) 

It's not that I think you care, but see that weird girl on the far right? You know, the one wearing a yellow shirt? That's me. When I was 12. Those glasses I'm wearing aren't the ones that I just recently broke, but they're the pair I had before that. Those didn't last for very long, because they were the uber cheepo ones. But I liked them so much, I just had to get them. Then they broke...

(I only intended to put one picture of my old glasses, but I just keep finding brilliant ones. Don't I look so young?)

Anyway, so I got my BCBG ones, which were my glasses until a week ago. (When I put them on, I was transformed into a normal-looking teenager. My awkwardness vanished instantly!)
One more thing:
You know one of my pet peeves? When people wear glasses because they think they're cool. No. You only deserve to wear fashionable glasses if God willed it by making you blind. If you wear fashion glasses, then you look like Adriana, pictured above. She's cute and all, but she doesn't fool my keen, be-speckled eyes. It may be hard to fathom, but she's actually wearing fake glasses in that picture. Shocking, I know.


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Sam Thornton said...

This was such an entertaining post to read! I am so excited to see you're new ones.