Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heading, anew

Hey ya, so my blog has a new look. I wanted change, and I had all these elaborate plans... but then I found this photo, and I knew it was the right thing, for this blog and for me. So that was that.

I like to think of myself as a forward looking person, and I'm pretty certain that I see everything with my own filter. I'm on my little weird journey, which has a destination, but no exact course to reach the shore. Any set of waves heading there will do.

Other reasons why this photo fits so well:

I like sailing. Not that I do it much, but I like nautical things because I like adventure. (And fat blue and white stripes are adorable, no?)

I'm wearing a swimsuit cover-up which I also wear as a dress. This is one of my talents.

I'm told pony tails are attractive.

And then I found this:


Look forward to me blogging about my busted spectacles, Alexis--who leaves very soon on the greatest adventure of all, and Christmas things. (Like muffins/cupcakes, which didn't happen today.)

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