Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thriller! And a thrilling, but mindless, account of my favorite dresses

Sam took me to see Thriller on Tuesday night. We had been looking forward to the performance for some time, because I had never seen it and Sam hadn't seen it for two years.

It was a blend of funny, strange and intriguing, drenched and dipped in every flavor of Halloween.

I wore my new pale chartreuse sweater today, and it reminded me of the time I was trying to decide between two prom dresses: one was dark green and one was chartreuse.

The one I got looked like this: (Ya, I'm on the far left, looking weird. I couldn't find the pictures of when I actually wore this to a dance. Anyway.)

Chartreuse is a color that looks like this.
found here
I think the deciding factor in the end was that chartreuse just reminded me too much of the famed "lettuce dress." I don't have a picture of this because it's kind of holy. And I mean that both ways.

Picture a flamenco dress. Not unlike this:

And it belonged in our dress up box. We loved that thing and did silly dances in it, and as fun as that was... there was something inside me that could not bear to be that daring.

Being who I am now, I'd probably go for it, but then as a teenager, I was all like, "I'll take the poofy dress!" Even though my mom always said that guys like girls who wear skinny, tighter-fitting dresses better. (Mom? Why you be so cool/weird/awesome?)

But the dark green dress does have beading that somewhat resembles the White Tree from Return of the King. And I do love that big green dress...

Then it was Lindsey's turn to get formals! Yay! And she got a light green dress, which I have never had a chance to properly wear. But if I ever do, I can remember the skinny chartreuse dress I never got.

Now that I can finally (almost) spell chartreuse after writing this whole mindless torment, I'm going to get back to living my wonderful amazing existence. Please and thank you.

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kris10 said...

Love this post! Oh the "lettuce dress", what a classic from our childhood!