Friday, October 21, 2011

Can I just ramble for a little bit?

Today I was thinking about my life. I think about my life a lot, especially since living my life is something I do every day, even if I don't do it well. I guess I'm not super bad at life. But how do you succeed at life? What's success, really?

I turned in my graduation papers today. So have I pretty much won the game?

Oh wait, I thought winning the game was getting married... right... better get on that now.

Hey, am less cynical than I used to be. I think it helps that, if my calculations are correct, I will be the first person from my high school class to earn a bachelor's.

I swear I just got to college. I'm amazed at how many things and people from high school are still relevant. I think it's because so many of my friends are away on missions, so I feel that all those relationships are frozen, even though I know it's not true. People will come home and be weird and different. Things will be changed and I'm sure we'll have this awful realization that we have been changing all along and we didn't realize it.

So I'm usually always tired, right? And I don't like it when people are like "you look tired." Uh thank you? But these week I was legitimately tired. Exhausted. I don't even remember being this tired doing a play and that's saying something. I'm talking tired like my mom calls me 17 times and I don't hear it.

It's my week-long, fall break hangover.

I was also thinking about how organized I used to be. I still use a planner, but I find myself winging it every day.

Spoilers! Speaking of winging it... that's a clue to who I'm going to be for Halloween.

Has this post been enough gray goop for ya'll? Hope so, because I just needed to be rambly today.
But it's a good thing I'm stopping because I think my carpeltunnel/tendonitis is coming back in my hand. Ahh.



abbypauna said...

ramble away lovely! hope your week gets better xox

Sam said...

You know, I quite liked this post. I'm sitting here trying to put into words exactly what I liked about it and it's a little difficult. I'm so used to your posts being super happy and this one isn't....and that's not a bad thing. It's amazing how much life changes and how quickly those changes happen. They're slow enough that we don't really notice them but fast enough that when we stop for a minute to reflect we notice that quite a lot has happened in our lives. All we can do is simply do our best. That's all that is really expected of us.