Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Word Gymnastics

The limited spelling choices in English is wonderful to one who is doing a crossword puzzle. But for one who is constructing a crossword puzzle, it is a most frustrating obstacle.

I am in crossword puzzle class, and for my midterm I have to make one. I'll post it on here after I turn it in on Tuesday. It is hard, and I'm using software to do it. How constructors did it prior to the computer is a mystery to me.

I often wonder how anyone did anything without computers. I know we survived before, but seriously, how did you design a paper, or record music, or write and edit novels? How did people communicate?

Ya I know I sound like a true Generation X here. Sue me.

In other news, I bought two pairs of boot/shoes today, and I'm especially excited about my Merrills (see above). This means hiking and walking in the snow without discomfort! Bring on winter! (But not too fast... )


p.s. did you see how many parentheticals were in that last paragraph? Geez louise!

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