Thursday, October 6, 2011


I now appreciate Steve Jobs' contribution to technology more than ever now that my iPod is gone. It was stolen today.

It was by my own folly and I took it relatively well I think. My iPod's name was Dr. Who.

I hope whoever has my beloved Dr. Who is enjoying my insanely lofty Pocket Frogs level and my mildly accomplished Angry Birds status.

Before he or she sells it on Ebay, I hope they utilize the dictionary app. to fill a crossword puzzle. I hope he or she plays some Scrabble, too.

I bet he or she finds enjoyment in Tetris and Robot Unicorn attack and reads a poem or two from my Poetry App.

And I'm certain that if he or she takes a gander at my music, he or she will be impressed at the variety and oddity of my collection. It is random and beautiful, and it took a long time to build up.

When I get a new one (notice it's WHEN not IF), I'm going to get a bigger one (Dr. Who was only an 8g). That's a plus. 

No one usually reads this blog, but I got an insane amount of traffic from a few sketchy sources. So if you're out there, iPod stealer, know this. That was an object I loved. Treat it well.

And those headphones? They were awesome. Appreciate those awesome headphones.


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