Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank you, Jesus

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was amazing, to say the least.

I got to spend time with my lovely family (and time with them is far from over).
I had our bi-annual reunion with my elementary school buddies!

I went out and met Brian's parents, and got to spend a lot of wonderful time with him.
I gave lots of presents and got a lot more than I deserve.

I'm going on a cruise in April! To Mexico. That's pretty cool.

But this Christmas was also a bit different because my great grandma has been not doing well... and it was the first Christmas Eve in a long time when she wasn't able to come to her own Christmas Eve Party. That party is famous and such a big tradition... and she started it.

And this morning she died.
But grandma lived a long, fruitful life. She was a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She was a teacher and she loved to read. I will miss her, but it's all reminded me about the true meaning of Christmas anyway.

Thank you, Jesus.


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alexis joy: said...

Oh, Megan, I'm sorry to hear about your great grandma. I love you!