Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Phonology Phinal!

Guess who's on a linguistic high right now!


I just took my phonology final. Am I excited? Yes! Because the midterm in the class was on the sour side of stellar and it has haunted me for many weeks.

The funny thing is, I really didn't study as much for this final. But I did pay a lot better attention in class ever since that. (An experience such as that leaves you somewhat scarred.)

I was woke up at a wonderfully awful time- 6:30 a.m. My mommy was so kind and called me to make sure I was conscious. I'm not a morning person... and a phonology test at 8 a.m. just seemed like a really bad combo.

The morning was happy--I ate and read the paper and studied a bit--but somehow I missed the shuttle, despite being so on time. I ran back to the house, and no one was in a position to take me. So I just drove myself.

I figured the safest place for a non-parking pass holder like myself would be the LDS institute. I parked far away and in a non-conspicuous space. I said a few words to Jesus about that risk and started running down to the social work building (why is a linguistic class in the social work building?)

I look so dumb when I run with a back pack.

I got there and people were already working on the test! It was barely 8 a.m.! But I calmed myself down and started knocking out that test and figuring out those problems.

Oh my goodness how I wrestled with that problem. There were others who were further along in the test than I was... I could tell because it seemed like when everyone got to a certain point, they started erasing.

I totally had to erase too, but like 8 times. BUT when I was in the depths of despair-- it clicked!

I don't even remember what the language was... some dialect of Italian I think.

And then I ran back to my car! And there was no parking ticket!

OK, I think I'm going to go take a nap or something. Or I could work on my syntax take home test...

You know, these linguistic finals make me feel like Harry in the Tri-Wizard tournament. I just really hope that there isn't a portkey leading to a certain formidable graveyard at the end. People without noses scare me.


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