Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Roller Coaster of Christmas Cheer!

I've been trying to be a glass-half full kind of person lately... but I honestly have no way to categorize this day. Brian just asked me if it was good or bad, and I was torn about how to respond.

For starters, I woke up at 10:30 a.m. to a phone call from my mom and sister telling me not to eat lunch. Well, considering I hadn't left my bedroom yet, the chances of me fixing something for lunch were pretty slim. Turns out they brought home this:


Oh my heavens, yummy. Like seriously. I just needed that goodness so much!

Considering I had just endured about an hour's worth of torment from littlest sister. She was trying to get me up by flashing my lights and playing loud, upbeat music like Owl City. Does she not realize I have a sleep mask and that I'm one of the heaviest sleepers on the planet?

Anyway, after mulling around a bit, we went horseback riding, which was pleasant because we were inside the arena, not out in the muck and mud. It's raining and it's almost Christmas. I'm a bit panicked. I really rely on snow to bring Christmas cheer.



Because let me tell you--there are a few things that do not bring Christmas cheer. I realized about half-way through my day that I was wearing my shirt backwards. At first I took it as a good omen. DUH! I need to be wearing my Utah shirt! Today was game day!




The right way.

After tearing apart my suitcase, I realized that I forgot to bring any sort of Ute apparel! Dismay began filling my soul. That dismay turned from a trickle to a flood of sorrow as my dear Utes took (several) blows from Boise and lost... the... game... and ended ... the bowl... streak...


But the Jazz won! (As they should have).


p.s. I think that the real reason the Utes lost is because I accidently wore blue underwear. No. I'm not posting a picture of that. Sorry.

Oh, and another thing to add to the naughty list? My computer crashed and I lost half a poem + other projects in unsaved documents in word.

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alexis joy: said...

If I thought it would last, I'd put a couple of pounds of snow in a box and send it to you.