Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad

(Thanks to Steve Petty, my dad's best friend growing up, for this pictures. We sure got a kick out of them.)
Today my dad turned 50! He opened 50 presents and the biggest one was a trip to Hawaii to see molten lava. He's always wanted to go see that.

Here's the poem I wrote for my dad for one of his presents:

If my father had been told
upon my birth that he was to have all daughters,

he would have asked to see it in writing.

Because my father is polite as a pocket-knife--
a one match fire,
no whip cream,
Shakespeare from the pulpit
kind of guy.

He uses Tabasco sauce like he uses jokes--
in everything, almost to make life less clam-chowder white.

A tome in one hand
and a sling shot in the other,
he adventures through the universe.

Even untraveled roads are familiar to my father,
and although the same cannot be said of me,
I know how to work a compass
because he taught me how.

Other notable things happening around "The House:"

So I have more Chrony stories, but those will come tomorrow.


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