Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School begins. Again.


Oh hey, people!

The new semester has started! This is what semester numero cinco has in store:

Spanish 1020--we can only speak in Spanish! Soy nervosa, pero it shouldn't be too different. Side effects may include sentences that include Spanish and English.

Anthropology 1010--can you say huge, annoying general ed class? Ya, I'm not even taking it for gen. ed. credit. I'm seriously one of 175 students in this huge lecture hall in the oldest building on campus. Hooray.

Linguistic 4021--phew! This is where I feel at home! A class full of people with my same major and nerd love. It's lovely.

Linguistics, Language Myths--yay for debates about language! This shall be the random fact class of all classes. Be prepared, readers.

Chrony Class-- it's my job. What can I say.


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