Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Study Day

Study pad:
Study cards:
Study hair and study glasses:

Study tunes:
Study cursive:

Study toast:
Study fuel:
Study storm:
Study rain:
Study flower:
and in the end, I realized that a final for another class was due today, and I forgot to do it. So I turned it in an hour late. I suck at life sometimes. I set aside an ENTIRE day to study and work on homework, and yet I still can't get it right. I obviously don't use a planner enough, and the stress having a job and trying to be on my own is too much. I want to do it all, but instead I fail at like everything!

I know this is so depressing. I'm just down on myself. I keep messing up. I don't want to fail! I keep trying but I'm just not good enough right now! It's late, and I need to sleep. Tomorrow (today) is a big day.

And I really need to post about my dating life, because that has been interesting! But I'm not quite sure how to do it. I feel guilty that I am dating when I really should be a slave to my school work, but I have had some fantastic dates recently! I love boys!

But anyway, I'm signing off. Megan is sad and disappointed herself, but she knows things will work out in the end. Some nights are just hard.

Sleep tight, readers. Stay in school. Don't miss your finals. Don't do drugs.

Yours truly,


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SETH & DEB said...

If that's one thing I've learned after must tribulation while TRYING to go to college, is that practice makes perfect. Some of us just take longer to "get it". It doesn't mean that we are stupid or slow, just that we take longer to get into the swing of things. Hang in there.