Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is post 100.

I cannot believe I've actually written this many posts.

I'm proud of myself.

I'm also proud of these boys:
Elder Hoye is going to Ventura, Cali. He will be speaking Spanish. He leaves Wednesday.

This is Elder Webb. He's going to Albuquerque, New Mexico. (I'm going to have to learn to spell that.) He left last Wednesday. {this means he could have crossed paths with Elder Hill, who left yesterday to Fiji-land}

I cannot even tell you how much these three Elders have influenced my life. And the great part is, they'll continue to do so, even when they are out in the big wide world, teaching people about the gospel of Christ. I'm so proud of them.

On another note:

The Lion King musical is one of those musicals where I walk out of the theatre so entranced and awed that real life ceases to be seem relatively important. Reality is too boring and dull. The colors aren't sharp enough, the music isn't soulful enough.

Take me to Africa! I want to run with the lions and sing and dance to African music! I want to go so bad! (Is it any wonder that Heart of Darkness is one of my favorite books of all time?)

Needless to say, The Lion King was one of the highlights of my life. I love magic like that. I cry sometimes, when I see shows of this magnitude. They are over too fast; their beauty is so fleeting.

That's why I use all my creative power to be imaginative and child-like. Because who wants to ever really grow up. Not me. I want to be so creative that the ordinary becomes golden. I'm always imaging this or that, and let me tell you-- it's worth it. I'm so tired of being practical and stoic. I want to be an emotional, passionate person my entire life.


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