Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day

Today was Mother's Day!

I love my mom and my grandmas.

This is my dad's mom-- Grandma Carol. She is so nice and so funny. She would always get my cousins and me matching outfits. She takes care of her mother, grandma Beth, pretty much full time!

This is Grandma B (grandma Beth). She is my paternal great grandma, and I'm pretty sure I'm her second oldest great-grandchild. My dad is her old grandchild anyway. She always has encouraged me to keep writing and acting. She is a very educated woman; she was a school teacher who was very well read. I look up to her a lot!

This is my maternal great grandma Dalebout. She is 100 years old! She is still very smart and remembers everything. She is an amazing cook, and she loves the gospel so much. She lives with my grandparents. I love her so much!

Grandma Karen is my maternal grandmother. She lives down the street from me and takes care of her mother in law tirelessly. She served a mission with my grandpa in South Africa.

This is my mommy dear! I love her so! She is organized, loving, empathetic, thoughtful, crafty, smart, inquisitive, trustworthy, and supportive. I would be nowhere at all with out her kind guidance and support. She is a big planner and always makes certain we can do all the great things we kids do. She really is one of my best friends ever. We can always talk about anything.

These are some of the women in my life! I love them all and I hope I can be like them one day when I have my own kiddies! That will be a while, but I look forward to it all the same.


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Debbie said...

SO sweet! I love your mom toooooo! Hey we are in the process of moving as we speak! Katie comes home May 30 and I am hoping we can get together as moms and daughters again? Do you ever come up this way or are you pretty much busy in SLC?