Monday, May 17, 2010

First day of school! First day of school! First day of school!

Why is my phone going off? Who is calling me? What? Grandma? But she's just upstairs... $%@*( ! It's 8:24!

My first class started at nine. Gone are the days when I would plan out my first day of school outfit a week in advance, go to bed insanely early the night before, wake up two hours early, eat a full hearty breakfast prepared by my mom and arrive at school right on time. The first day of school was always a sacred ritual. It was our time to at least start out right. True, by June my sister and I would be screaming at each other because we were going to be late, but for the first few weeks, we were prepared and prompt.

Starting summer semester just isn't the same as traditional school I guess. I sure don't feel like I'm in whack. My body and mind is ready to relax, and I'm trying to focus and become semi-studious. I keep reminding myself that I love school ten times more than working, and that being in school is a blessing, and that I'll get done early.

But I just need to be on a beach somewhere. I need to see Mickey Mouse. I need to sleep in until noon at least one day!

Summer is not for school. I am not doing this again. My classes seem interesting, and I know it won't be TOO bad, I just wish I had the mental capacity to absorb the intelectualocity.* I wish I could be like Nemo and be excited to learn, because that's usually how I am!

I did make it to my first class on time, thanks to grandma who called my phone so I'd wake up. She also made me a sandwich. That was nice. I love grandmas. I love living with my grandparents.

Anyway, good night.


p.s. Shoutout: Thank you for reading my blog! Lately I've had a few people tell me they read it... and like it! That means so much to me!

*interesting trivia and knowledge that Megan loves to absorb.

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