Sunday, December 20, 2009


When I rule the world, I'm going to make all technology compatable. Like seriously.

I take a video on my phone. I use a Micro SD converter to get the file onto my computer. For some reason it's a Quicktime file. Okay, whatever.

But when I upload that to the internet or youtube- it doesn't work. I can watch it on my compy but I can't show it to other people. The audio is completely off. I can't import it to Windows Movie Maker so I can't change the format it's in, either.

I gave up on that.

Okay, so I want to be total nerd and play Civilization III. I install it on my computer, and for a while it looks like everything is good. Wrong.

Apparently, I need to get Civilization IV or V because Civilization II is just too old to work with Vista. So I either have to play downstairs on our family's slow as molasses PC while shivering in the basement or waste hours playing Spider Solitare on my laptop. (As if Civilization wasn't a waste of time.)

On Wednesday I was traveling home to Salt Lake via frontrunner and trax. I wasn't traveling alone, but my mom still wanted to know whether I had caught the train.

But she couldn't text me because of a network error. Luckily she could still call me. The three hours I couldn't send any text messages were the three longest of my life. No joke. The next morning my phone was back to normal.

Technology makes me so angry sometimes. But I guess it works more often than it fails, so I should be glad for that.


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noelle said...

I agree. And all phone chargers should be the same. but then, that will get me started on all the devilish workings of cellular phones, and we don't want to go there.