Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 Things I want to do during winter break

1. Enjoy a Holiday Mint Blast from Sonic

2. Scrapbook like a mad-woman

3. Collage (It's not college-- that's what I'm escaping. I mean collaging: a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another, as newspaper clippings, parts of photographs, theater tickets, and fragments of an envelope.)

4. Learn a new piano song

5. Read a good book

6. File all my notes from this past semester in my note-filing box that I've filled with notes from classes ever since I ever started takin notes in classes. I understand this behavior is OCD, but I love the feeling of having a myriad of knowledge right at my fingertips. As if I'll ever look at those notes again.

7. Play (speed) scrabble with my sisters and hopefully my cousins.

8. Sleep in.

9. Play in the snow.

10. Write a play or two.



McBeth's said...

I totally agree we should definitely play SPEED SCRABBLE and i would love to scrapbook with you - we should have a sleepover or something. Love ya

noelle said...

my friends will never play scrabble with me because they say I will win. however we have never played, so I believe their behavior is quite unfair. also, the ugly pictures post? girl, I got you beat!