Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clean-Shave Christmas

Okay it took a lot of gall to put up this picture! But it is proof that I held up to my promise. I lost a bet, so thus I was forced to participate in "No Shave November." This is November 30. It's gross, I know. Trust me. At least I saved myself some $$ by conserving shaving cream, right?

My friend Missy went to Bingham High, and I obviously went to Syracuse. When our alma maters played each other, we made a bet: If the Miners won, I had to refrain from shaving in November. If the Titans came out victorious, then Missy had to shave her left eyebrow.

The outcome was not positive for me. Dang it, all my sports teams are loosing when it counts!

But as of last night, I am cleanly shaven! Yay!


alexis joy said...

every time I log into blogger I see this picture. I keep hoping someone has a new post so it won't be the first thing on my blog roll.

noelle said...

don't even worry, mine looked the same. my legs have yet to be shaved. I'm a duuude!