Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Kitchen Mishaps

You can't experience Christmas without goodies, and you can't experience goodies without baking some yourself, and you can't experience baking without some mishaps along the way.
Tonight my sister and a friend tried making Hootnanies (aka German Pancakes). We are out of flour, so they used wheat flour instead.

The concoction turned out like this:

Keep in mind that German Pancakes are supposed to look like this:

They didn't rise, so they weren't light and fluffy; instead they were thick and heavy. Gross.

Mishap No. 2-- the Almints

We were trying to make after-dinner-mint candy. Everything went well until we tasted them. They were very salty and not very minty. After examining the flavoring bottle, the culprit was found. We used almond flavoring instead of mint. Holy whoa they are nasty.

Tomorrow we're making gingerbread houses, so we saved the almints anyway. They look alright, after all. (Exciting blog post to follow about that adventure!)

-just little old me(g)


alexis joy: said...

My families Christmas treat making is telling the Subway employees to make a ton of cookies.

We had German Pancakes yesterday, too!

Paul Hill said...

I love the almints idea... but I don't really want to eat them.