Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I had my iTunes on shuffle the other day. I was jamming to Life in Technicolor by Coldplay one moment and then suddenly I was listening to “Endangered Love” from the VeggieTales 10th anniversary soundtrack. I had a fleeting notion to quickly change the song, because my roommate was in the there and it is a little weird that I was listening to a children’s show soundtrack.

Then I realized--

I don’t care!

VeggieTales makes me happy, and the songs are pretty funny. My sisters and I spent endless hours watching the videos and singing along with the music. We even had Jonah: a VeggieTales movie memorized. No joke, we could recite it word for word.

Ana and I do listen to a pretty varied music selection so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she didn’t poke her head in from the bathroom and exclaim: “What are you listening to?” Nope.

She just kept doing her thing. I love that strange music doesn’t faze us.
After all, you get everything when you listen to musicals, and we’re musical kind of people.


Rap-- “In the Heights”
Opera--“Phantom of the Opera”
Big Band-- "Hairspray"

The term "musical" is pretty open. There isn't just one type of music in musical theatre.

We recently discovered iTunes Home share. Amazing. We’re practically family so we didn’t feel guilty about exchanging our eclectic selections over the wireless network. Now I can jam to all sorts of random music and so can she. Because besides musicals, I'm into all sorts of other stuff like folk, classical piano, choral, random alternative from obscure bands, and even a sprinkling of techno. And of course--VeggieTales.

Why listen to top 40 when there is so much out there?

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