Sunday, November 22, 2009

4 am Bedtimes

What a crazy weekend! That’s all I can say. Tasha and Curtis came up to the U and hung out with Paul and me. Can you say blast off?

Stayed up until 4 a.m. Friday night watching Star Trek and Little Women (The version our high school did last year). This is epic considering Tasha and Paul had a pretty steamy few stage kisses.

The next day we made a music video and took many pictures. (Thank you Ana for letting me borrow your camera)! The link to the epic show will be forthcoming, fear not dear fans.

I do love this picture of me. (A rare good one)

Paul! Such a goof ball!

Tasha! So daring and dashing and independent!

Curtis! Such a happy guy.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I’m so glad.


(Edit) Here is the link to the video we made. Or look on the side bar. That works too.

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