Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lessons from College

In high school, if you sit alone at lunch, then you’re considered a social outcast.

But in college, it happens all the time, and it isn’t that strange. At least, I don’t feel awkward. I like that about the colligate life.

Some other things I’ve learned from the university:

1. How much I don’t know. I’ve learned more in this first semester than my entire public education, but I’ve also realized I really have only licked the iceberg.

2. How to get addicted to Facebook. You can’t really blame me for this habit though. So I move away to big university and leave 99.9% of all the people I know back in my little hometown. Girls are getting married, boys are leaving on missions, men are returning, and girls are having babies. I need to keep up on all the social happenings. FB is how I connect with my peeps back home. I honestly wonder how teenagers survived without this powerful networking tool before now.

3.How to not procrastinate. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me college was going to sink me, I’d be rich enough to pay for my entire higher education experience. My terror of college was so great that I was actually compelled to get stuff done. I mean, if I save something until the night before, I’m a nervous wreck. Which is weird.

4.How to wake up on time. So I had a few scares the first week, which made sleeping quite difficult. I’m so paranoid about sleeping in that I just don’t sleep at all. I got bed late and wake up early.

5.How to be very tolerant. I used to want to go out of state for school. I don’t think I needed to—I’m getting a culture shock here. I’m meeting the whole spectrum of people. Gays, granolas, Germans… you name it.

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