Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Thankful List

Some things I am thankful for:

I am thankful for Jesus Christ, His atonement, His Gospel, and His light, enough said. If you want to learn more about what I believe click here.

I am thankful for my family, because we have fun times while being somehow involved in fifty thousand extracurricular activities at once.

I am thankful for my friends who support me, make me laugh, and tell me that I am too crazy for my own good.

I am grateful that I can go to school, even though sometimes I want to quit because it is expensive and difficult. I’m so lucky to be able to go to college. It really is a wonderful opportunity.

I am grateful my ancestors that sacrificed so I could have a good life. I’m a wimp. I can’t barely walk to institute three blocks away, let alone walk across the plains.

I am thankful to be alive and healthy.

I’m so grateful for the countless times I’ve lost some belonging of mine and some kind soul honestly returns to me.

I am grateful for nature and beautiful things because life would be dreary otherwise. They remind me that the world is a good place, overall.

I am thankful for Ramen Noodles because they are easy to make and always satisfy.

I am thankful for the Beatles, whose music makes my soul very happy.

I am thankful that my fish, Cyrano de Bergerac, is still alive and swimming after all the involuntary fasts I have unintentionally put him through.

I am so glad I have a computer (and the internet) that allows me to be addicted to Facebook and other such sites and that help me procrastinate.

I am grateful for grammar because even though it seems complicated, it makes it so we can understand each other. It is also a tool used by English teachers everywhere to strike fear in the hearts of their students. I’m so glad it’s my obsession.

I’m grateful for my phone. I love texting and calling people.

I’m thankful for my Titan Blanket. I can sleep anywhere as long as the SHS Titan blanket is around me.

I’m thankful for Harry Potter and all the amazing fans I can count on meeting where ever I go. The other day my friends and I formed the Dumbledore’s Army of Utah. You can join the group on Facebook if you want.

I’m so grateful to the kind souls who drive the shuttles around campus. As I mentioned before, I am wimp, and the campus is pretty much a city of its own.

I am so grateful for socks! They’re miraculous. You put them on your feet but they make your entire body warm.

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