Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hallow ground

I have always been jealous of Ginny Weasley. She ends up with Harry. That brave be-speckled wizard who overcame loneliness, betrayal and loss, and not with magic (although he did have awesome skills). He used love, and courage, and friendship.
The Harry Potter series enchants me, and taught me so much. But it's not so much about what I learned, it's about how I felt as I learned.

I was treading through the words and gazing at moving pictures in the halls of Hogwarts at the edge of my breath. Right along with Harry, I was under the cloak of invisibility running through the forbidden forest.

I was devastated when I turned 11 and my Hogwarts letter came. But I kept hoarding memorabilia and collectibles in my Harry Potter Box. I slept on a Harry pillow and put a Harry blanket on my bed.
My friends love Harry's world, too. I love talking about it and speculating and remembering and making life metaphors with Harry Potter. It's just so fun.

I watched the movies and became more and more impressed with each one. They've been getting better over the years. And the last one is going to be fantastic. I just know it.

But I'm not going to the midnight premiere. Yes, call me lame, and not a true fan. I'll admit that this is partly because I'm old now and I can't stay up as late as I want anymore. Mostly, it's because I want to treat this moment with reverence.
This moment is special, sacred. The era isn't ending, I believe Harry Potter will forever remain in our culture and our hearts. But it is the end of the movies. I just want to take it in slowly. I've gobbled up every HP thing at midnight for about fifteen years. This time, I want to take my time.
Don't spoil anything for me! And I hope you enjoy this pics. Don't make fun of my Harry Potter toys.



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Sarah said...

Am I weird if I admit that I own the Harry Potter series in both paperback AND hardback?? :) I knew that we would be reading about Harry over and over and over again through the years. I, myself, have the read the series OUT LOUD to my girls, and then a few years later to my son when he got older...besides the first time I read them all myself. I have no doubt I'll be reading them to my Lilian in a few years when she gets older. And my kids are now reading them again on their own. The paperbacks are getting most definitely worn. Which is great because it shows how much we LOVE those books. But I wanted to make sure we also had a series that stayed nice through the ages. That when the paperbacks fall apart, we still have the hardbacks to fall back on. :)
P.S. I LOVE your Harry Potter memorabilia. :)