Sunday, June 12, 2011


My sister was the first one to graduate from her high school. Literally. Our last name starts with M, but she's in the choir, and at the end because she is short. So she was the very first one to walk.

I also should brag and say that Lindsey received the "Titan for Life" award for her contributions to the school. She did work dang hard!

She has two cousins that are almost exactly her same age. They were all born in about three weeks of each other. Austin and Tarah graduated recently, too.
That means five of the grandkids have graduated. Some are really anxious to get done though.

You have a long way to go, buddy. Tackle kindergarten first.

(Speaking of kindergarten... every single graduation speech felt mentioned something about kindergarten, and how much has changed since then. Sooo unoriginal. Graduation speeches are usually pretty dull. One I like is J. K. Rowling's address she gave at Hogwarts Harvard a few years ago. Read it here.)


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Jessi said...

Congrats to them! Those are great photos.

That cake looks a little bit too good...