Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey yo! I totally feel like a crazy psycho late night post.

Because I seriously just learned to spell "psycho." And now like using it to describe things, although most aren't as gruesome and psycho as that movie.

So once I get through this week of school, it's a BRIDAL SHOWER themed weekend. Yes, that's two of them.

The soon-to-be-Mrs. Norris is getting married a month from today and so that means we're going to shower her with love, gifts and slightly naughty games. This is good, but somewhat fraught with peril.

Do the math
Brittni + Me + pink + zurchers + david's bridal * hormones = extreme madness

I can't wait to post pics of this extra-ordinary event. There will be paper lanterns, candy, umbrellas, flowers and retro musical music.

OK, now I'm feeling guilty about putting a picture of psycho on this post about lovely lady bridal showers. Well at least it got your attention, right? And this post was a great othering* activity.

Be cool, peeps. And wish me luck as I deal with double objects. Oh syntax. So psycho.


othering: verb- doing something semi-productive instead of homework (often used as a gerund)

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